Document Scanner Repair

With scanners being used more and more in the business world we’ve found an increasing demand for document scanner repair services. Scanner One can help with this increasing demand for repair whether you’re a current customer or you’re just searching for a place to get your scanner fixed.

Most of the time when your document scanner stops functioning properly or the scans aren’t clear, it’s typically something that is simple to repair. We’ve found that a majority of minor problems such as lines appearing on the scan or the final scan being blurry can usually be fixed by cleaning the glass or replacing the feed rollers. Minor problems such as these are inexpensive and can be handled quickly. Cleaning the glass or replacing feed rollers tends to be the most common problem with smaller and less expensive document scanners.

If you have a larger scanner there might be a need to send your scanner in for repair or have an on-site technician perform the repairs. Scanner One is here to help when you have trouble with your desk top or production scanner. Give us a call at 888-395-8570 and we’ll have your scanner working properly in no time.