Patented VRS technology from Kofax® ensures that your scanning is as efficient and easy as possible, while also improving both the quality of the scanned images and the automated capture of information from your paper documents and forms. The result is lower scanning costs, lower data entry costs, and faster access to your information.

Rack2-Filer V5.0 is a feature-rich scanning and digital data archiving application incorporating an ultra-intuitive user interface that gives users the benefits of what they love best about the paper world while harnessing the power and sophistication they depend upon within the electronic realm.

Rack2-Filer process


The Rack2-Filer software provides several tools to keep your content organized, presentable, and accessible.

Rack2-Filer’s Library, Cabinet and Binder Archiving Methodology

Rack2-Filer is capable of digitally archiving the equivalent of 2,520,000 digital pages in up to 2,520 binders. (A maximum of 1,000 pages can be entered into each e-binder)

  • 21 e-binders per shelf
  • 20 cabinets per library
  • 6 libraries per link

Easy to understand and operate

  • Rack2-Filer creates a life-like experience with digital content through the use of virtual cabinets and e-binders. While flipping through pages, users can add highlights, divider sheets, and sticky notes to enhance the organizational value of their archive.
graphic demonstrating Rack2 Filer sticky notes and highlighter features

Searching for information made simple

  • With Rack2-Filer’s built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, content can be made searchable by word, phrase or number. Even the “sticky notes” and “binder titles” can be searched.
graphic demonstrating the optical character recognition engine

Reduce paper clutter and save time

  • Rack2-Filer enables users to scan and store digital data in a very efficient way, providing several powerful tools and time-saving features to keep your content highly accessible, exceptionally organized, and working hard for you in ways that paper just can’t compete.

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