GlobalCapture by Square9

Capture and OCR Technology

Square9 Interface

GlobalCapture is in increbile OCR tool. Allowing you to scan any document and create what you want from it. Take the reigns with your documents as you can automate where your documents go after scanning and what to do with them.
Use zonal OCR or full-page OCR to caputre what’s important to you and create what you want.

Intuitive Workflow

Square9 Tables

GlobalCapture includes workflow for your documents as well. Create a workflow to seperate your batches, delete blank pages, sepereate on bar codes and even store your documents in different places. GlobalSearch API can read your bar codes and understand them.
With this you can create incredible file structures that are based on what the file is and how it was introduced to the system. Seperate your documents based on pages, text, naming and so forth to create the documents that you want from the paper that you have.

Powerful Integration

Square9 Workflow

GlobalSearch works with any document management system. It can store files with it’s sister program GlobalSearch to create a seamless integration into your business, or it can integrate with any other program you have. Export your documents to the
ECM software that you already have or a simple file structure.

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