ECM and Document Management

ECM and Document Management Innovation

Square9 Interface

With Square-9 GlobalSearch 4.5 a newly redesigned web interface gives you the files that you need in an easy to access browser.
GlobalSearch 4.5 runs in any web browser freeing up space on your desktop and giving you access to all the files on your shared server space in an
intuitive and simple design. Workflow, annotations, back-ups, document history, security, and OCR technology come together to give you the best document
management experience possible.

Find That Needle In A Haystack

Square9 Tables

The new table display of information delivers additional opportunities for working more efficiently with search results. Easily sort
your results by one or more columns in ascending or descending order. Pin or hide columns as needed. And with the new enhanced data export
utility, you can customize which fields of data you need, making custom report generation easier than ever. To take it even further, users
now have the power to control how they work, as all of the sorting and display options can be customized to the individual user’s needs.

Visualize The Flow of Information

Square9 Workflow

Need a better way to see where your work is at all times? We’ve got you covered! GlobalSearch 4.5 delivers a visual flow of information
through a new “tabbed” style interface that allows you to dynamically group information based on its workflow stage or by whom a task is assigned to.

The Who, What, Where, and When…

Square9 Audit

Need to know who’s doing what to your documents? GlobalSearch 4.5 delivers a new Audit Trail view that gives you immediate insight into who
viewed, edited, emailed, or moved a document, and provides convenient filtering and export options for making even greater use of that data.

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