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Square9 Interface

With GlobalSearch, all of your files are accessable and managed in an inutive way. Easily find the files you are looking for with the click of a button. Create views, seraches, archives and inboxes to help manage the workflow
of your office without hastle. With many ways to store and view your data you’ll always be able to find that file that you need.

Find That Needle In A Haystack

Square9 Tables

The search feature within GlobalSearch allows you to search your files based on what is in them as well as the index fields you would like to use. GlobalSearch has a powerful OCR engine that allows you to find the document you need
even if the document you need doens’t have any indexing or naming attached to it. Search based on numbers like PO ammount, Invoice amount, or even PO and Invoice number with a simple click of a button. FileXChange is a powerful windows program
that works incredibly with GlobalSearch allowing you to hotkey any information you need from any program (PO number from SalesForce, amount from Exel) and search within your database for that coresponding data. Simplify your file and content
management with GlobalSearch.

Visualize The Flow of Information

Square9 Workflow

Workflow included with the GlobalSearch package makes file tracking intuitive and simple. Follow your documents along their paper trail and always know what documents need to be found next. With tabs or views you can
easily create a workflow for a document such as an Invoice, PO or Packing Slip. Find where the bottlenecks are in your workflow process while accellerating the workflow itself.

Powerful Data Automation

Square9 Audit

With a three-way-match you can easily view your Invoice, PO and confirmation of delivery all in a single view. With GlobalSearch you can even automate the process to a click of a button to view all your three-way-matches at once without
finding every document yourself. Let GlobalSearch do the heavy lifting while you do the thinking. Get approvals, email rights, and history of a document all from your web page to make your document trail that much simpler.

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