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Document Scanning Software Packages

Scanner One offers document scanning software packages to help with your electronic document management by capturing and organizing paper documents as high-quality PDF files. Capturing, converting and organizing your documents into digital format and sharing them is fast, efficient and easy with our software packages.

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Our software packages are grouped by Capture Software, Document Management Software, Online Forms and OCR Software to help in selecting the best product for your home or office.

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Capture Software:

  1. GlobalCapture GlobalCapture – Manage, track, and audit your document workflow with ease. With a multitude of features and full integration with archival and other workflow software it’s by far the best choice for any business.
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  2. EasyRoute EasyRoute – Create a folder where your files are imported and transformed into live data that can be exported into folder structures or an existing document management solution.
    Learn more about EasyRoute now.

Document Management Software Packages:

  1. GlobalSearch GlobalSearch – Secure and manage your files intuitively and easily using a wide array of tools and features. With cloud or on-premise server installation and easy user based security take your documents to the next level with GlobalSearch. Search within and through all your documents to find the data you need as well as incorporating work flow and included OCR engine for quick index field entry.
  1. Document Logistix DLX 5 – Document Logistix creates document management solutions that help to reduce the dependency of paper, improve records management and automate business processes.

Online Forms:

  1. GlobalForms GlobalForms – Turn your website into a data powerhouse without creating extra work. Streamline the interaction between customers and your business with GlobalForms. Fill out forms that can be inserted into any website and have our software take the information and convert it into documents, emails, workflows, and much more.

OCR Software Packages:

  1. Square9

  2. ABBYY FineReader

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