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Document Security Solution A document or file server is generally accessed by many users and needs protection with various security measurements. A single PC accessed by one user is not as secure as a server. Therefore, documents or files that reside on a users PC are much more vulnerable to illegal leakage or intended damage.

Sensitive documents and files are stored not only in the server, but can also be saved to individual PCs. The documents and files can be leaked via email or by a USB memory drive directly from PCs containing sensitive data files. If the leaked documents contain sensitive information such as private data, social security numbers, or credit card information, the company could face legal implication.

ASPIDA is perfect for hospitals, clinics, government, and any business dealing with credit cards or social security numbers.

ASPIDA is a document security solution for PCs, it’s able to protect documents and files on the PC level from illegal leakage or intentional damage.

ASPIDA searches the documents and files on all the PCs on a single network by contents of the documents and file extension. If a document contains sensative content, it will automatically be encrypted and the data within will not be able to leave that PC.

ASPIDA is able to limit the use of sensative documents.

  • Limits viewing, copying, deleting and printing secured documents selectively.
  • Limits saving sensative data in removable media, email attachment, and uploading.
  • Limits screen capturing from third party software not approved by a network administrator.
  • Limits access to specific websites, windows control panels, and windows registry editors.

All the operations in the server and the clients are recorded as logs for auditing.

Easy To Install and Use

  • One server can push out the client to the whole company.
  • A step-by-step instiliation program is provided.
  • HIPPA and PCI complient.

Aspida Configuration


Information Detection Detects various identification information, for example, social security number, driver’s license number, cellphone number, bank account number or business license number and more.
Real-time based Observation Document search is done in real-time. Search by a scheduled setting is also available.

Encryption Detected document are encrypted by ARIA which is the standard encryption method of National Intelligence Services around the world.

Files Supported Office document (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX), PDF and Text document (TXT, RTF, XPS) as well as any other document extensions.
Document Control Blocks the printing, copying, deleting and sending (Email, USB) of the encrypted documents.
Screen Capture Prevention Prevents screen capture by capture programs or illegal keyboard input.

Block Website Access Blocks the user’s access to any pre-registered websites as set by a network administrator.
Block Access to Windows Control Panel and Registry Editor Blocks the user’s access to Windows Control Panel and Registry Editor to keep a PC safe and secure from internal changes. Make you IT professionals happy.

Designated Printer Designates the printer to print any documents. In this case, the user only can use the designated printer to print sensative documents.
Permanent Deletion of Any File

Deletes a file permanently and make it impossible to restore the file if a network administrator is allerted of a sensative document leaving the secure server.
Log Management All the activities regarding the “secured” document are recorded in a log and can be tracked down to specific PCs and time intervals.

The log report can be provided for the audit trail purpose.

Administrator Server

Remote Control It can remotely setup the activities at a client PC. It can be done individually or by group. All the activities such as client registration, instant search, real-time search, password setup, leak control and software removal can be done remotely.

Group Management

Clients can be classified by group at the time of registration. You can use groups to setup many PCs at the same time, steamlining the process.

Grant Permissions

Aspida can grant permission to PCs based on groups or tasks per user.

Remote Observation

When a client PC opens an encrypted document, this is reported to the ASPIDA server in real-time. An administrator can give caution and warning to the client users through a message dialog if a client needs help or to be stopped.
Client Management

ASPIDA server monitors the information, setup, and activities of all the registered client PCs in real-time.


It counts and displays various information based on collected logs from clients PC.

Log Searching

It can easily search the logs of clients by keyword search and filter functionality. This lets you easily find security breaches and concerns keeping you safe.

Logs in Security

Aspida protects the access to the server by security features like session time control, double login restriction and regular password changing.

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