Fujitsu 6800


Fujitsu 6800 features:

  • The Fujitsu 6800 Scanner – High Speed Up to 130PPM/260IPM Landscape Duplex at 300DPI
  • Color/B&W/Scanning, Up to 600DPI Optical Resolution
  • Document Feeder Capacity: Up to 500 sheets, Double Feed Detection, Auto Page Rotate, Skip Blank Page and Retain Image Featur
  • Low-Volume Production Document Scanner, TWAIN/ISIS Drivers, Kofax VRS
  • Up to 12X17 Size Document Scanning
  • Daily Duty Cycle of 60,000 Pages
  • 90 Day Limited Manufacture Warranty

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Product Description

With improving the entire scanning process as its main objective, the
Fujitsu fi-6800 Production Scanner builds upon the qualities that have made
Fujitsu the industry-leading vendor in Mid-Volume Production market. The
fi-6800 incorporates many additional features and functions that will improve
your document scanning efficiency. From pure scanning speed, to ease of use for
user operation or a full suite of software productivity tools, the fi-6800 is
the ideal solution for a wide range of Production Scanning applications.
Features include:

The ideal blend of features and performance to maximize scanning

  • Fast, 130 ppm (simplex) / 260 ipm (duplex) scanning in monochrome or
    color (letter, landscape @ 300 dpi)
  • Space-saving design with quiet operation and many environmental friendly
  • Easy to use operator panel with multi-language support
  • Triple Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection with Intelligent MultiFeed
    Function and retain image feature
  • 500-page automatic document feeder with adjustable height hopper
  • Reduce document preparation and produce outstanding image quality with
    VRS® 4.5 Professional
  • Full suite of bundled software and industry-leading third party
  • Maintain optimal up-time and peak performance with Fujitsu service and
    support Incredibly productive, remarkably small and highly
    With a set of features developed from decades of industry-leading
    experience and based directly on customer feedback, the Fujitsu fi-6800
    Production Scanner can help digitize large volumes of documents with ease.
    With blazing fast 130 pages per minute and true double-sided scanning
    speeds of 260 images per minute, in color, grayscale or black & white
    and up to 300 dots per inch (dpi), rest-assured the fi-6800’s pure scanning
    speed certainly will not be the bottleneck in your scanning operation. Good
    things come in small packages and the fi-6800 delivers production level
    scanning speeds, yet without the sacrifice of a large exterior design.
    Measuring only 12.2″ high x 18.1″ wide x 17.8″ deep and weighing 71 pounds
    with quiet operation, it’s practical to place the fi-6800 in front-office
    environments and desktops where traditionally a Production Scanners’
    bulkiness and loud operation was unrealistic. Additionally, with built-in
    Kofax hardware-assisted VirtualReScan (VRS) Professional technology, with
    both a USB 2.0 and 68-pin SCSI interface, users can benefit from decreased
    document preparation by utilizing some of the commonly used advanced VRS
    Professional features such as Automatic Page Orientation and Blank Page
    Deletion. Simply allow the scanners intelligence to perform automatic
    functions that were traditionally done with manual labor to save time and

    The fi-6800 functionality makes it appealing for a wide range of
    document scanning applications and markets. With dynamic color dropout it
    is ideal for forms processing applications such as Healthcare insurance
    forms with a red color background. Or with Paper Protection which helps
    avoid potential physical damage to original documents for scanning
    historical records in Government. Or any combination of these industries
    for Service Bureau’s who scan a diverse range of documents, the fi-6800’s
    versatility makes it ideal for all Production Scanning requirements.

    • 130 ppm/260 ipm in monochrome or color up to 300 dpi (landscape)
    • Rated-speed scanning with commonly used advanced VRS features
    • Automatic intelligent image correction for decreased document
      preparation (Auto orientation, auto color detection, intelligent blank
      page detection, background smoothing)
    • Document Protection to prevent potential damage to documents
    • Excellent paper feeding of mixed documents of various sizes, shapes
      and colors

    Production Scanning has never been easier

    The fi-6800 Production Scanner was built to perform but it doesn’t end
    there. Making Production Scanning easy is one of the main appeals of the
    fi-6800. Even before scanning begins, the scanner operator can simply set a
    few user operator preference options directly from the LCD Operator Panel
    such as language, alarm volume, blink cycle, contrast and other options so
    that scanning is performed in their ideal comfort-zone. A large 500 page
    automatic document feeder ensures that processing volumes of batches can be
    done quickly without constantly reloading the paper input tray. Three
    Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection sensors with Intelligent MultiFeed
    Function (iMFF) ensure that each image is captured without exception by
    detecting when two unintentional documents enter the feeder at the same
    time, yet affords the flexibility to capture intentional overlapping items
    such as sticky-notes attached to documents. Independently adjustable side
    trays makes input of batches easy and extremely efficient and controlled
    paper output speed with an Active Stacker helps keep the documents neat and
    orderly when returning batches to storage boxes or cabinets.

    The fi-6800 includes a full suite of software tools in the box that make
    scanning simple and easy. One convient Setup DVD includes all the neccesary
    software needed to get you up and running quickly such as TWAIN, ISIS
    drivers, VRS Professional, ScandAll PRO. Additionally, a second
    installation DVD includes a full licensed version of Adobe Acrobat
    Standard. As an example of demostratings post-scanning effieciency the
    ScandAll PRO 1.8 Automatic Image Quality Checker (aIQC) feature allows for
    a post-scan check of questionable images captured during the batch scanning
    process. These could be possible multifeeds, accidental folded or
    ‘dog-ear’, rip/torn or other questionable images. aIQC checks them before
    you commit these batched images to the destination of your choice.

    When additional connectivity, flexibility or functionality is required,
    rest-assured that as the industry-leading document scanner provider,
    Fujitsu is constantly working with, or already has certified, hundreds of
    third-party software applications.

    • Intuitive LCD operator panel (Multilanguage, Alarm Sound, Volume,
      Contrast and more)
    • Space-saving design and quiet operation for office environments
    • Independently adjustable side input guides and Active Stacker
    • Large capacity 500 page automatic document feeder

    On-site warranty helps maximize uptime.

    The fi-6800 scanner includes a 90-day, on-site, Limited Warranty. For
    full details on the Limited Warranty and on all service programs, go to or call (888)

    Model fi-6800
    Technology Dual Color Charge Coupled Device
    (CCD) image sensor
    Resolution 50-600 dpi (600 optical)
    Halftone patterns 4 Dither Patterns and error
    Grayscale 10 bit/1024 level (internal), 8
    bit/256 level (output)
    Color 24-bit single pass color
    Scanning speeds
    (200 or 300 dpi, Letter, Color, Grayscale and Monochrome)
    Output Simplex Duplex
    Portrait 100ppm (2) 200ppm (2)
    Landscape 130ppm (2) 260ppm (2)
    Scanning mode Simplex and Duplex
    Document Feeding Mode Automatic document feeder (ADF)
    ADF capacity 500 Sheets (letter/A4, 20 lb.)
    Document size ADF Minimum (A8) (2.1 in. x 2.9 in.)
    ADF Maximum (A3) (12 in. x 17 in.)
    Interface Ultra SCSI 50-pin, USB2.0, With CGA
    board: VRS Ultra Wide SCSI 68-pin,VRS USB2.0
    Software driver support TWAIN, ISIS™ (Win 98
    SE/2000/NT/XP/Vista and Windows 7), Kofax® VRS®
    JPEG Compression Hardware real time JPEG compression
    Power requirements (auto-switching) 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption 200W or less
    Operating environment Temperature 59° to 95° F (15° to 35° C)
    Relative Humidity 20%-80% (non-condensing)
    Not operating: 8%-95%
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 18.1 in. x 16.9 in. x 12.2 in.
    Weight 70.5 lbs.
    Limited Warranty 3 months on-site
    Service Options In-Warranty Upgrade
    – On-Site 4 hour response
    Post-Warranty – On-Site Next Business Day or 4
    hour response
    Inbox Contents USB 2.0 cable

    (DVD format)
    Adobe® Acrobat® Standard , Kofax
    VRS®Professional, ScandAll PRO with Scan to Microsoft SharePoint,
    QuickScan Pro (Trial), Image Processing Software Option 2.5
    Options Post Imprinter (Front-side) and Post
    Imprinter (Back-side)
    Supported Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows® 2000
    Professional, Microsoft® Windows® XP (32bit/64bit), Microsoft®
    Windows Server® 2003/2008 (32bit/64bit), Microsoft ® Windows Vista®
    (32bit/64bit) VRS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional,
    Microsoft® Windows® XP(32bit), Microsoft® Windows Vista®
    Business/Enterprise (32bit/64bit), Microsoft® Windows® 7
    Features Ultrasonic Intelligent MultiFeed
    Function Double Feed Detection (3x) and Long Document Scanning
    Part Number PA03575-B005
    1 50-600 dpi (600 optical):
    Requires Intel ® Pentium® IV 2.8 GHz PC computer with 1.5 GB memory
    or above for optimum throughput.
    2 100ppm200ppm130ppm260ppm:
    Scanning speeds will vary depending on features selection and
    environmental considerations.
    3 Long Document Scanning:
    Up to 120″ (200 dpi monochrome)


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