Panasonic KV-S1065C Desktop Document Scanner


  • 60 ppm / 120 ipm (Color, 200 dpi, LTR, Portrait)
  • 75 Page, 3 Hard Card ADF Capacity
  • Up to 600 DPI Optical Resolution
  • 2,000 Page Daily Duty Cycle
  • “Highly Recommended” Rating from BLI!
  • 3-Year Advance Exchange Warranty

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Product Description

Designed for the modern digital office, the KV-S1065C document scanner is an essential tool for all your document capture needs. This robust and highly
reliable workgroup scanner packs plenty of punch, and is the perfect solution for any document capture application.


Boasting a compact footprint, only slightly larger than a sheet of letter size paper, the Panasonic KV-S1065C scanner can hold up to 75 originals with a
scan speed up to 60 pages per minute* or 120 impressions per minute when duplex scanning is enabled. The Panasonic KV-S1065C is also capable of scanning up
to 3 hard plastic cards in a single scan and can handle a variety of paper weights, types, and lengths as well as multipart forms.


Included with every Panasonic KV-S1065C scanner is a copy of Panasonic’s very own Image Capture Plus software. This simple, yet powerful capture software
offers an intuitive user interface which features a thumbnail view of scanned documents and a wide variety of image processing capabilities.


Compact Space Saving Design

For areas such as a desktop where space is limited, a compact space saving design is a highly beneficial feature. Panasonic’s experienced design team took
this into account when developing the Panasonic KV-S1065C scanner, thus creating a high speed desktop scanner with the smallest footprint possible. The
Panasonic KV-S1065C also features a retractable exit tray which helps conserve space when the scanner is not in use.

75 Sheet ADF

A large capacity ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) is an essential part of any scanning experience. Users simply place up to the allotted document capacity
into the ADF in the tray and start the scan job. This allows for an easily managed scan process, and saves users time by eliminating the need to
individually feed pages one by one through the scanner.

Double-Feed Skip Key

The Double-Feed Skip Key is a helpful tool which allows you to resume scanning when the device detects a double-fed document. This is especially convenient
when scanning documents with sticky notes, taped receipts, envelopes or folders. These items typically trigger the Double-Feed Detection sensor and pause
the scanning operation. The Double-Feed Skip Key allows the user to quickly and easily resume the scanning operation by skipping past the double feed
detection error with a single touch of a button.

Mixed Size Document Feeding

The ability to handle mixed size documents is an essential feature for many office environments that handle multiple documents and document sizes. For
example, a doctor’s office may need to scan a health questionnaire printed on letter size paper and a medical insurance card. The KV-S1065C is capable of
scanning all these documents in a single scan. This helps save time by feeding documents of various sizes in one shot without the need for multiple scans.

Ultrasonic Double-Feed Sensor

For advanced worry-free scanner operation, an Ultrasonic Double-Feed Sensor is equipped within the scanner to detect items such as sticky notes or smaller
documents mixed in amongst regular sized documents. These innovative, high-performance sensors can detect even subtle changes, and immediately pause the
scanning operation so that the double-feed document can be recovered. Thanks to these double-feed sensors, optimum scanning reliability is assured even
when scanning high volumes of documents.

Active-Dynamic Rotating Feed Roller

To reliably feed documents with various thicknesses, the scanner features an Active-Dynamic Rotating Feed Roller. The active double-feed prevention roller
system prevents double-feeding by rotating in the reverse direction to help separate documents that are being fed, and then feeds the leading document in

Document Output Control

With the convenient Document Output Control function, the scanner output speed is automatically adjusted for documents that are 5.82” or shorter in length.
The two exit guide attachments then keep the document in place as they come through to the exit tray. This prevents longer documents from sliding under
shorter ones, which prevents the output order of documents from changing after they are scanned.

Long Paper Mode

Long Paper Mode allows documents of up to 100 inches in length to be scanned in one single scan job. This feature was designed for scanning
electrocardiograms (EKG), well logs, exceptionally long receipts or any other special documents. The highly reliable paper feed system ensures that these
documents are scanned straight through as a single scan job.

Automatic Image Orientation

Automatic Image Orientation allows users to place a stack of documents into the ADF without having to worry about their orientation. This function will
detect the direction of scanned text in documents and automatically rotate them so that they are saved in the correct direction. This eliminates the hassle
of manually rotating documents either pre or post scanning.

Dog-Ear Detection

When a portion of a scanned image is missing due to an inadvertently folded corner (dog-ear) or a document that is extremely skewed, the Dog-Ear Detection
function temporarily pauses scanning. The user can then decide to rescan, or to continue scanning as is.

Advanced Image Enhancement

With a mixture of progressive hardware and software features, through Advanced Image Enhancement, Panasonic scanners help to create images of equal or
greater quality than the originally scanned documents. This proves not only beneficial for the purpose of precise record archiving, but also allows for
extremely accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing.

Auto Erasure Security

Scanning situations requiring the highest levels of security are benefitted by Auto Erasure Security. Scanners featuring this high security technology
automatically erase all data from the scanner’s built-in memory. This feature helps secure against data leaks and aids in preventing hardware hacking.

Easy User Maintenance

Panasonic scanners are designed with the comfort and ease of use of the scanner user in mind. The clamshell design allows for full, easy access to the main
paper path for Easy User Maintenance. This allows scanner users to effortlessly clear the occasional paper jam, clean the unit or replace the rollers
without having to call a service technician.

Image Capture Plus Software v1.3

Bundled standard with all Panasonic Scanners, the Panasonic Image Capture Plus Software is your ultimate capture solution. Featuring a wealth of image
processing functionality, it ensures that you have the tools necessary to handle virtually any scanning requirement. Features of the Panasonic Image
Capture Plus software include: Automatic Brightness Adjustment, Automatic Image Emphasis, Zonal OCR, Automatic Binary/Color Distinction, Double Exposure,
Blank Page Removal, Automatic Crop, Automatic Deskew, MultiStream, Dynamic Threshold, Multi-Color Dropout, Hole Removal, Background Smoothing, 2-Page
Separation, Multi-Crop, and more.

Reduced Power Consumption

To reduce costly power consumption, the Panasonic KV-S1065C scanner has been engineered for minimal power consumption. The KV-S1065C features LED lighting
as the scanning light source, a CIS (Contact Image Sensor) for scanning, a sleep mode that suppresses energy consumption to 1W while the units is idle and
an auto power off feature. These features help ensure this scanner consumes the least amount of energy possible.


Panasonic provides a “3-Year Advance Exchange Warranty” standard with the purchase of the Panasonic KV-S1065C. This provides, in most cases, next business
day scanner replacement for problems that cannot be remedied by our technical support hotline.


*Color, 200 dpi, LTR, Portrait


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