Fujitsu 6400 Document Scanner


Fujitsu 6400 features:

  • The Fujitsu 6400 Scanner – High Speed Up to 100PPM/200IPM Landscape Duplex at 300DPI
  • Color/B&W/Scanning, Up to 600DPI Optical Resolution
  • Document Feeder Capacity: Up to 500 sheets, Double Feed Detection, Auto Page Rotate, Skip Blank Page and Retain Image Featur
  • Low-Volume Production Document Scanner, PaperStream IP (TWAIN/ISIS Drivers)
  • Up to 11.7 X 16.5 Size Document Scanning or long document up to 120 inches
  • Daily Duty Cycle of 40,000 Pages
  • 90 Day Limited Manufacture Warranty

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Product Description


For the paper-intensive back-office, the Fujitsu fi-6400 scanner digitizes tens of thousands of documents a day. With proven feed mechanics and
high-quality image cleanup, the fi-6400 sustains a spectacular throughput, providing businesses with an exceptional ROI. As promised, Fujitsu has delivered
a trusted production scanner in a quiet and compact space.

The ideal blend of features and performance to maximize scanning productivity

  • Fast, 100 ppm (simplex) / 200 ipm (duplex) scanning in monochrome or color (A4 (letter), landscape @ 300 dpi)
  • Residue-resistant rollers, removable glass, and wide opening reduce maintenance costs
  • Easy-to-use PaperStream Capture software for batch scanning, including 2D barcode support
  • Space-saving design with quiet operation and many environmentally friendly qualities
  • Triple Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection with Intelligent Multi-Feed Function
  • 500-page automatic document feeder with adjustable height hopper
  • Scanner Central Admin Suite for volume and asset tracking
  • Eco-friendly white LED array
  • Maintain optimal up-time and peak performance with Fujitsu service and support. Call Scanner One for a complete price quote at 888-395-8570


    Advanced Features to Maximize Your Productivity

    • Large volume hopper and high speed scanning

      To boost the efficiency of large volume scanning at centralized operations, up to 500 sheets can be loaded in the hopper at a time. Together
      with an impressive scanning speed of 100 ppm (color, A4 size, simplex, 200/300 dpi, landscape), maximum productivity can be achieved.

    • Advanced feeding mechanism

      The fi-6400 is capable of digitizing a variety of document types used in many scenarios from ultra-thin receipts to thick documents (20-209
      g/m²). In addition, this scanner is equipped with a reliable “paper protection functions” to minimize the risk of documents being damaged even
      during high speed scanning.

    Remarkable small design

    Having a front loading feeding mechanism and low height compact design, the fi-6400 allows operators to perform scanning tasks while sitting at
    their desk. The scanner is designed to minimize the device’s height to allow users to load and remove scanned documents with ease. This greatly
    reduces the stress on operators who scan for extended periods of time.


    Leading Hardware Technology Paired with Expert Software

    The Fujitsu fi-6400 scanner empowers scanner operators to provide efficient centralized batch scanning. The included suite of PaperStream IP,
    PaperStream Capture and Scanner Central Admin provides users with a powerful, efficient and easy-to-use image enhancement solution to get
    organizations up and scanning quickly and easily.

    • PaperStream IP
      – Automatically creates high quality images without manual adjustments

      The scanner driver PaperStream IP, which provides TWAIN/ISIS support, automatically converts documents into exceptionally clean images,
      improves OCR even when scanning wrinkled/soiled documents or documents with backgrounds and eliminates the hassle of fine tuning scanner

    • PaperStream Capture

      – Batch scanning, validate and confirm the document content

      PaperStream Capture is an application for scanning and managing scanned images from Fujitsu’s fi Series scanners. Adjusting scanning settings
      and performing batch scanning, are accomplished easily with PaperStream Capture’s user-friendly interface. With the seamless linkage to the
      PaperStream IP driver, high quality image processing and batch scanning are performed simultaneously. With just a few easy settings,
      PaperStream Capture automates sorting and saving of scanned documents. The “Automatic Image Quality Checker” automatically highlights folded
      and damaged documents allowing effortless validation of scanned images.

    • Scanner Central Admin
      – Efficiently manage multiple scanners

      Using the bundled Scanner Central Admin application, up to 1,000 scanners can be managed from one central location. In addition, the usage
      status is traced, so periodic replacement of consumables can be performed smoothly.


    Automatic stacker

    Automatic Stacker ensures all your scanned documents are stacked neatly after scanning.

    Intelligent multifeed function

    The acclaimed “Intelligent multifeed function”, simplifies pre-scanning preparation and improves efficiency by allowing users to
    ignore false multifeed alerts caused by photos and sticky notes attached to documents.

    Check scanner status and settings from an easy to navigate LCD panel

    Simple and thus very sturdy construction with a wide flip-up cover for easy cleaning

    Near silent running makes it perfect for office environments

    Post imprinters (Front-side, Back-side) support (Option)

    Panel Menu

    Description fi-6400
    Supported operating systems Windows® 8/8.1 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows® 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit/64-bit), Windows Server® 2012, Windows Server® 2008
    Scanner type ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) + Manual Feed
    Scanning modes Simplex / Duplex, Color / Grayscale / Monochrome
    Image sensor type Color CCD (Charge-coupled device) x 2 (front x 1, back x 1)
    Light source White LED array (1)
    Multifeed detection Ultrasonic multi-feed detection sensor x 3, Paper detection sensor
    Document size Maximum A3 Portrait (297 x 420 mm or 11.7 x 16.5 in.)

    Double letter (279.4 x 431.8 mm or 11 x 17 in.)

    Minimum A8 Portrait (52 x 74 mm or 2 x 3 in.)
    Long paper scanning

    (Maximum) (2)

    up to 3,048 mm (120in.)
    Paper weight (Thickness) Less than A5 size: 0.050 to 0.25 mm (41 to 209 g/㎡, or 11 to 56 lb)

    A4 to A5 size: 0.025 to 0.25 mm (20 to 209 g/㎡, or 5.4 to 56 lb)

    Over A4: 0.050 to 0.25 mm (41 to 209 g/㎡, or 11 to 56 lb)

    Scanning speed

    (A4 (Letter) Landscape) (3)

    Color (4) Simplex: 100 (100) ppm @ 200/300 dpi

    Duplex: 200 (199) ipm @ 200/300 dpi

    Grayscale (4)
    Scanning speed

    (A4 (Letter) Portrait) (3)

    Color (4) Simplex: 85 (87) ppm @ 200/300 dpi

    Duplex: 170 (174) ipm @ 200/300 dpi

    Grayscale (4)
    Paper chute capacity (A4/Letter Landscape) (5) 500 sheets (A4/Letter: 80 g/㎡ or 20 lb)
    Expected daily volume 40,000 sheets/day
    Background colors White / Black (Selectable)
    Optical resolution 600 dpi

    resolution (6)

    Color (24-bit) 50 to 600 dpi (adjustable by 1 dpi increments), 1,200 dpi (driver) (7)
    Grayscale (8-bit)
    Monochrome (1-bit)
    Output format Color: 24-bit, Grayscale: 8-bit, Monochrome: 1-bit
    Internal video processing 1,024 levels (10-bit)
    Interface USB2.0
    Connector shape B type
    Image processing functions Auto color detection, Automatic page size detection, De-skew, Automatic orientation, Upper lower separation, Multi-image output, Blank
    page skip, Error diffusion, Dither, Dropout color (R, G, B, None, White, Specified, Saturation), Image emphasis, Simplified DTC,
    Advanced DTC, iDTC, sRGB
    Power requirements AC 100 to 240 V ±10 %
    Power consumption Operating: 200 W or less

    Sleep mode: 3.2 W or less

    Auto Standby (OFF) mode: Less than 0.5 W

    Operating environment Temperature: 15 to 35 °C (59 to 95 °F)

    Relative humidity: 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)

    Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height (8) 460 x 430 x 310 mm (18.1 x 16.9 x 12.2 in.)

    Installation space: 860 x 1,630 x 350 mm (33.8 x 64.1 x 13.7 in.)

    Weight 32 kg or less
    Included software / drivers PaperStream IP (TWAIN) driver, PaperStream IP (ISIS) driver, 2D Barcode for PaperStream, Software Operation Panel, Error Recovery
    Guide, PaperStream Capture, Scanner Central Admin Agent
    Environmental compliance ENERGY STAR® and RoHS
    Included items AC cable, USB cable, Setup DVD-ROM, 2D Barcode for PaperStream Setup CD-ROM


  2. Capable of scanning documents that exceed A3 size in length. Documents that exceed 431.8 mm (17 in.) are limited to 400 dpi for lengths up to 863 mm
    (34 in.). Documents between 863 mm and 3,048 mm (120 in.) in length are limited to 300 dpi.
  3. Actual scanning speeds are affected by data transmission and software processing times.
  4. JPEG compressed figures.
  5. Maximum capacity varies, depending upon paper weight.
  6. Maximum output resolutions may vary, depending upon the size of the area being scanned and whether the scanner is scanning in simplex or duplex.
  7. Scanning limitations brought about by scanning mode, document size and available memory may occur when scanning at higher resolutions (600dpi or
  8. Excluding the ADF hopper.
  9. Accessories
Part Number Description
fi-6400 Consumables
Pick Roller PA03575-K011 Lifetime: Every 600,000 sheets or one year.

These rollers feed documents into the scanner.

Separator Roller PA03575-K012 Lifetime: Every 600,000 sheets or one year

These rollers feed documents through the scanner.

Brake Roller PA03575-K013 Lifetime: Every 600,000 sheets or one year.

These rollers separate documents as they are being fed into the scanner.

Print Cartridge CA00050-0262 Lifetime: 4,000,000 printed characters.

(FI-680PRF / FI-680PRB print head)

fi-6400 Options


PA03575-D201 Post-scan Imprinter / Front-side printing on document


PA03575-D203 Post-scan Imprinter / Back-side printing on document


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